How to use robo-trader NFT?

  1. Click the fox icon in the upper right corner of the website to login MetaMask wallet.
    If you do not have a MetaMask wallet, please check How to create a MetaMask wallet?
    If you do not have a robo-trader NFT, please check How to buy a robo-trader NFT?
  2. Click "Sign & Bind".
  3. Select the account in "My Robo-trader NFTs" and click "Run". You have successfully connected the robo-trader NFT to your brokerage account for automatic trading (it is recommended to put a minimum of US$20,000 equivalent in your brokerage account). During the service period, you can add or withdraw the capital, pause or run the robo-trader NFT at any time.

    Note: You do not need to deposit with AlgoBot or any asset management company, all trades only happen in your brokerage account.