AlgoBot Marketplace FAQ

What is AlgoBot Marketplace?

AlgoBot Marketplace is the marketplace of algo trading strategies adopted by licensed firms as an advisory service to investors.
[Subscriber]: For those who want to invest but lack of time, it gives you the ability to invest in the strategies from licensed and experienced professionals!
[Publisher]: For those who have already established a profitable trading strategy and want to scale up, it enables you to partner with licensed firms to publish your strategies!

What are the benefits to publish/subscribe on AlgoBot Marketplace?

  • Publisher can partner your strategies with licensed firms to become legitimate products

  • Publisher can create income as a strategy provider

  • Subscriber can tap into the experience of professional traders

  • Subscriber have access to a wide variety of trading strategies

  • Subscriber can free up time from closely monitoring the market

Are there any drawbacks?

When using AlgoBot Marketplace, it is important that you act responsibly to protect your account, which means weighing the pros and cons of strategies, rather than going on a 'feeling'. Here's how to trade responsibly on our platform:

  • It could be convenient to simply subscribe professional's strategy, but it is still necessary to know what you are investing on.

  • Identifying strategy based on the performance statistics including trading logic, max draw down, Sharpe, etc is your responsibility before subscription.

  • High risk strategies can bring high returns when the market moves in your favor, but please be aware that there is an increased likelihood of volatility and potential losses too.

  • Investing in strategies that focus on different assets, is a way to diversify your portfolio and reduce your risk exposures.

How do I get started as a strategy subscriber?

Getting started is simple. Simply explore and search from AlgoBot Marketplace for a strategy that matches your goals and risk appetite. You can refine the search results, apply filters and indicators, and even drill into the historical performance, to help you decide whether the strategy suits you.

How do I subscribe and invest on a strategy?

You can subscribe a strategy for either live-testing or real-trading. Subscription can be done as follows:

  • Go to 'Connection'

  • Click 'Go to Interactive Brokers' to open an Interactive Brokers account if you do not have one

  • Click 'Connect' to connect a subaccount and log in either real or paper account

  • Click 'Manage subs' to pick your favorite algo strategy and subscribe for it

After these steps, subsequent trades from strategy provider will be automatically copied to your trading account. Enjoy the automation and let's others work for you!

What is a subscription period?

A subscription period is a time period in which the system will execute the trades for you. It is effective immediately when you subscribe a strategy.

Can I pause the subscribed strategy during my subscription period?

Sure! You can pause the strategy anytime during the period and no more trade will be triggered. Go to 'Connection', then simply click 'Pause' in table 3 'My Copytrade Subscriptions'. You need to handle the outstanding positions yourself before you run it again.

Can I run the same strategy again after pausing it?

Yes. Go to 'Connection', then simply click 'Run' in table 3 'My Copytrade Subscriptions'. The strategy will continue to manage the outstanding positions.

Can I switch to another strategy during a subscription period?

Yes. You need to pause the current strategy first. Then, go to AlgoBot Marketplace to subscribe for a new one and run it.

Can I subscribe more than one strategy at the same time?

Yes. You can subscribe more than one strategy but one broker account can only bonded with one strategy.

Can I monitor the trades?

Sure! Create a new separate login that you use to log in TWS to monitor the trading process. Using same login will disconnect the strategy from trading. Click here for more details.

Can I close a specific order that was opened from a subscribed strategy?

Yes, you can, but you will be fully liable to direct profit/loss from your action and indirect profit/loss due to alter of trading behavior of the subscribed strategy incurred from your action.

What will happen at expiry of subscription?

At expiry of subscription, you can choose the one of the following actions:

  • automatically roll the subscription service and continue to let the strategy run

  • automatically close all the positions created by the strategy at expiry or next trading day at open if expiry is a holiday

  • handle the positions yourself

You can change your choice in table 3 'My Copytrade Subscriptions' under 'Connection'.